Discover our extensive
collection of soap and
paper dispensers

We have the perfect dispenser to complement your space, ensuring
a seamless fit. Add a touch of uniqueness that aligns with your
brand using our customisable options, or make a statement with a
bespoke design, tailored to your exact requirements.


Upgrade your washroom with durable stainless steel dispensers, combining contemporary design with hygienic benefits, ensuring a clean and easy to maintain environment with its brushed finish


Luxurious and modern Mercury dispenser range combines style, functionality and eco-friendly materials. Ideal for elegant environments, our Mercury range offers a high-end look with customisation options, while reducing plastic waste. Aesthetically designed for the eco-conscious washroom!


Our Milano range is aesthetically appealing and excels in high-traffic settings. Featuring the patented Tris System technology for remarkable versatility, accommodating various applications with ease.


Experience a range that truly stands out in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Our linear customisable sleek design allows you to tailor it to unique preference and style.


Introducing the Myriad soap dispenser, a seamless blend of style, hygiene, and innovation, designed to enhance any environment with elegance and affordability while promoting hand hygiene and cleanliness.

Myriad Recycled range

Our Myriad Recycled dispenser range
is the perfect choice to boost your environmental credentials, whilst adding a stylish touch to spaces in your washroom and beyond.


Achieve flexible functionality with the Modular range, offering customisable pumps, containers, and a wide selection of paper towel and roll solutions. Elevate hygiene standards while meeting your specific needs and performance.


Multiflex elevates hygiene in healthcare settings with customisable dispensers, preventing cross-contamination and promoting safety with custom soap refills and exclusive pump configurations.


Versatile and resistant Intro range with a clean and simple style. Monitors consumables for efficient maintenance. Ideal for high-demand environments with its classic clean white look.

Intro 2nd Life

Environmentally conscious and sustainable product range crafted from up to 95% recycled material. Offers a close-to-perfect comparison to virgin materials, ensuring high-quality performance. Features bulk-packaging for cost-effective waste reduction, optimised transport, and efficient storage.

Intro 2nd Life White

Crafted with essential simplicity, our range is environmentally conscious, made from durable 99% white recycled material.


Elevate your commercial washroom with our high-quality ABS material, exuding timeless elegance and unrivalled durability. Designed to withstand heavy-duty demands, it ensures long-lasting performance.


Sustainable and versatile Ecoline range for various chemicals and paper formats. Made from eco-friendly Polypropylene (PP), which reduces CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process. Combined with a biodegradation-accelerating additive, it breaks down in less than 10 years.


Hygienic, customisable solutions for food-related environments with our ProFood range. Monitoring consumables, advertising with inserts, and enhancing hygiene with optional additives are essential for commercial and culinary spaces.