Intro 2nd Life White Range

A classic look,
sustainably reimagined

Crafted with essential simplicity, our range is
environmentally conscious, made from durable
post-industrial recycled ABS material

Environmentally conscious, yet simple and functional.

Uniquely available in white, this eco-conscious range is crafted from second-life plastic, reducing your CO2 footprint by 75% compared to traditional ABS plastic models.

Its material and design optimise space in your washrooms while also reducing transport costs and emissions

The 2nd Life white Range

Intro 2nd Life White compact autocut dispenser

Intro 2nd life white compact autocut dispenser

Our compact autocut still offers the same versatile performance across various roll sizes and high-quality autocut mechanisms.
It now comes available in a pure white 100% PCR ABS material and with its compact size meaning transportation is far more efficient as well, further enhancing it sustainability credentials.


  • 100% PCR Material in pure white, both durable and sustainable.
  • Smooth and reliable operation with the inner pushing system and smart recharge wheel, minimising paper jams and interruptions
  • Easily adjust the roll holders to fit various roll heights, from 18.5 cm to 21.5 cm, providing flexibility and compatibility with different roll sizes
  • Compact in size to minimise transportation costs throughout the life of the product.
  • Monitor the consumable level through the transparent window, enabling timely refills and efficient maintenance.
  • Customise the dispenser with bespoke nozzles and roll holders, easily adapting to specific requirements and preferences.