Alessandro Anfossi discusses the future of Hylab Dispensers…

Alessandro Anfossi

After a successful trade show led by the Hylab team, allowing us to build on our pre-existing as well as new relationships with our customers. During our time, we had the chance to launch our new recycled white plastic product our Intro 2nd Life white compact autocut dispenser

As we aim to share more on our latest innovations, custom design options, sustainability measures and the overall goals that Hylab have for the future, our General Manager Alessandro Ansoffi shares more on his vision for Hylab Dispensers.

Being interviewed by the brilliant GSA News, they asked many thought-provoking questions for our General Manager, Alessandro which led to some great insight into what the future holds for Hylab Dispensers

Interclean Hylab stand

Some interesting points Alessandro covered was the plans of future product design, how Hylab was born and the overall market response from some the recent news.

Origin of Hylab

Hylab emerged from the merger of two renowned brands in the dispenser industry: Brightwell Dispensers and QTS Italy. This union brings together a remarkable 110 years of shared history and expertise. Our ambition is to integrate this rich heritage and establish Hylab as the leading brand in the dispenser market.

Goals and Expectations

At Interclean, our primary goal is to boost the recognition of Hylab. Although we are a relatively new brand, we are built on a foundation that dates back to the origins of the dispenser industry in Europe and beyond. This deep-rooted history gives us a unique position and credibility in the market.

Future plans and innovation

Looking ahead, our plans are centered on creativity and dynamism. We aim to infuse these qualities not just into our products but also into our approach to the market. This year, we unveiled a groundbreaking technology that allows for the creation of dispensers from a blank slate. This innovation enables the design of any shape with minimal investment and small production volumes, showcasing our commitment to creativity and market adaptability.

Market response

The market response to this innovation has been overwhelmingly positive. People accustomed to standard plastic dispensers were genuinely amazed by the possibilities our new technology offers. We have also applied for a patent for this technology, further highlighting our role as innovation experts in the dispenser industry.

With Hylab, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

To conclude

In conclusion, Hylab represents the fusion of tradition and innovation in the dispenser industry. With over a century of combined experience, we are aiming to lead the market with our creative and dynamic approach. Our innovative technologies not only set new standards but also reflect our commitment to market innovations. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to making a lasting impact and becoming the go-to brand for dispensers worldwide. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. We hope to see you all at the next trade show!

(Credit to GSA News)

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